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This lovely house is a scratch build, a copy of a full size residence. I am going to use it to show complete room ideas.
It has side windows, so exciting : ) The rooms are 37 x 37 cm, that’s a great size for things like large fireplaces with 2 settees.
Beautiful side windows.


I’ve been routing about in my workshop, for props, to dress this house. I’ve decided to use plain wood furniture, which I might paint or stain to get the look I want.

Mick & take the Mick, decorators have moved in – Mick’s up in arms about something.
Wallpaper on, I have put a circular wooden batten high up on the wall, to drape fine net over to define the bed. 2 issues: standard doors don’t fit the door way plus need to install a beam on the apex of the ceiling, so I can wire a light. I’m off to buy extra large lolly sticks tomorrow to make the door with, it will be an old fashioned brace and timber door. (I think that’s what they are called)?? Skirting board is ready cut waiting to be glued on.
Skirtings on. I made the floor from a slice of Pine, my husband took off a 4 x 2 post he had. Pleased with it. I have the bare bones of a room I can use for my photographs. Lighting and the door are next.
I’ve made a start on my door. using extra large lolly sticks. Just waiting for the glue to dry. Before cutting my bracing pieces.
I’ve made wooden nails (the 4 dots on the brace) put the ‘Z’ brace in and the door fits. Really pleased with the finished piece. Now for the fiddly part – screwing the hinges on.
Looks better with a door. plus I put the beam up to hang the light. While I deal with the light, I have ordered matchstick blanks to make parque flooring for the landing.
Matchsticks arrived, Parque flooring started. The great thing about matchsticks, they have varying colours which comes through the varnish. So now I am going to make a template of the landing, cut my matchstick flooring. Each piece will be halved which makes them just about right for 1:12th scale.. I’m thinking I may have a stained darker, inner line for the flooring.
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